UHC2 and an unlimited amount of servers!

We've been busy behind the scenes working on a slew of new updates for everyone to enjoy. The two main focal points of this new update are the introduction of UHC2, a cleaned up and more scalable version of the UHC that was currently/previously on the network, and a dynamic server pool. All that last bit means for you guys is that a game server should always be available whenever you try to queue up for one.


Skyblock is one of the things we'd like to transition some of our focus into, and to get it started, we've hired on a brand new developer who is going to be working on a fully custom implementation! This new Skyblock, we've very creatively dubbed Skyblock2, will resolve a lot of the issues we're currently facing with lag and scalability. Progress has just begun, but we're excited to start this project and we look forward to showing it off as we near a more complete product.


We've introduced a new cosmetics system (/wardrobe) that allows players to use coins and purchase some snazzy looking accessories such as: Pets, particle effects, companions, and balloons! We plan on adding quite a bit more but we hope we've got enough to satisfy everyone for the time being. These cosmetics will only be visible in lobbies so that they don't interfere with any gameplay.



UHC2 is the newest iteration of our UHC game mode and shores up a lot of the shortcomings of the previous one. There were some stability issues and lots of complaints about stat loss and that should all be a thing of the past now. Here's a comprehensive list of what we've changed:

  • A new lobby has been made! The old one was becoming a bit tired and we've opted for an overall smaller map, but one that we think looks a lot better.
  • Terrain generation is now updated to use the 1.16 world generation!
  • Voting menu has been cleaned up drastically. No more wierd UI issues and the UI itself is much simpler and easier to navigate.
  • Lobby countdown will now start at 60 seconds once the minimum amount of players have changed and will slowly creep back up to that 60 seconds if the player count drops below that minimum amount.
  • Combat logging now creates an NPC at your location rather than a zombie, and if you have a teammate, they'll be notified of your either disconnecting or reconnecting.
  • Duo games will now display how far your teammate is as well as what direction they are relative to where you're facing. Due to this, the command /coords has been removed.
  • /shout has been removed and replaced with a chat channel system. You can use /chat to toggle between team and global chat, or use /teamchat and /globalchat to talk in those respective channels.
  • The Loot Llama has been updated to be a bit more interactive! He'll spawn anywhere around the map and will run away from any nearby players. Every 35 damage he takes, he'll drop a semi-rare item and some exp and once he's killed he'll drop a slew of terracotta blocks as well as 2-5 rare items.
  • Several scenarios have been removed and a random scenario option has been added which will randomly pick any of the remaining scenarios.
  • After 3 minutes of deathmatch, the arena will slowly start falling apart dropping players who get to close into the void.


  • Experts can now fly in the lobby.
  • Parkour runs will be stopped if the user starts flying.
  • Starting a parkour run will display a timer in the action bar.
  • You can manually stop a parkour run by typing /parkour stop
  • A new player profile item has been introduced. This is a GUI that will display some nice information about yourself such as stats, party, and some quick links to other features.

As always, we'd like to thank you for your continued support and if you'd like to support us or would like to purchase some in-game content, head on over to our store at https://store.octanemc.net/.