Rules & Guidelines

Last Updated: March 2021.

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These are the rules & guidelines that we have here on OctaneMC.

The OctaneMC server rules are managed by our Rules Advisory Team. Feel free to message them with any questions or concerns.

Rules Advisory Admin
Rules Advisory Member
Rules Advisory Member


Enforcement of the rules here at OctaneMC is decided by the individual staff member depending on the context and the intent. If you believe that a staff member is abusing their powers then be sure to message a member of the Rules Advisory Team.

Rules and punishments are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the Admins / Rules Advisory Team. Playing on OctaneMC means that you acknowledge the rules and agree to abide by them to continue playing uninterrupted. Attempting to find ways around the rules (ie. ”loophole”) is prohibited and will lead to punishment for the rule you attempted to bypass.

Punishment times vary depending on the punishment; and depending on previous offenses, the punishment time may increase.

Payments made in the OctaneMC Store are FINAL. We reserve the right to discontinue your use of our Server, Discord, and Store if a chargeback is made. You must agree to this if you would like to keep playing without interruption here on OctaneMC.

Chat Offenses

For all Minor Chat Offenses, you will be verbally warned and given a system warning. If you were already given a previous warning/mute within 30 days from the time of punishment for the same offense, no warning is necessary and you will be muted. Otherwise, you will be warned again before being muted for the same punishment.

For all Major Chat Offenses, no warning is given. You will be instantly muted if you break a Major Chat Offense.

Any Chat Offenses that are picked up by our Server Chat Filter will incur an immediate 1 hour mute.


Spamming or flooding the chat. Using excessive caps. Spamming players with /msg.

Player Harassment/Disrespect

Unwanted behavior towards a player after being told to stop.

Abuse of /nick

Using /nick to impersonate any YouTuber, member of staff, or another player.

Using /nick disrespectfully towards other players.

Inappropriate Behavior

Going in-depth about inappropriate subjects.

Abusive Behaviour

Being excessively rude/abusive towards another player.

Filter Bypass / Vulgarity

Finding a way to use vulgar words in chat that are filtered, or that should be.

OCTANEMC IS A STRICTLY PG SERVER. Vulgarity in private messages (/msg) is punishable.

Death Wishing

Wishing that someone dies / telling them to die in real life.


Rioting for / against a particular issue, decision, or other topics in a way that disturbs chat / the environment of the server (creating unnecessary drama).

Malicious Threats (DDOS, Hacking, Death etc.)

Making any type of serious threat towards someone.


Any derogatory remark or racial slur towards another player/group of people.

Examples: religion, sex, sexuality, nationality, etc...

Suicide Encouragement

Encouraging others to self-harm, promoting self-harm or telling players to kill themselves.

(We may require additional context before punishing for this)

Leaking of IRL Information (Doxxing)

Giving out information that can identify someone in real life.

Examples: Full Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address, etc...


Minor advertisement. Can consist of (but is not limited to):

  • Server recruitment with the name.
  • Twitch / YouTube streams that haven’t been given permission by staff to advertise.

Major advertisement. Can consist of (but is not limited to):

  • Being abusive towards OctaneMC while recruiting with the server name.
  • Posting a server IP / URL.

Severe advertisement. Can consist of (but is not limited to):

  • Being abusive towards OctaneMC while posting a server IP / URL.
  • Spamming a server IP / URL.
Unclarified Link

Links not approved, yet not harmful. Includes links to social media.

Unapproved Link

Links not approved, yet could be harmful. Can consist of (but is not limited to):

  • Picture links (imgur, prntscr, lightshot, etc.) These can contain inappropriate content.
  • Discord invite links which are not specifically approved.
  • Link has inappropriate content (drugs, pornography, etc.)
  • A link that could be malicious/harmful to the person accessing it or that can be considered illegal, etc.
Unapproved Transactions

Trying to trade/sell/buy items with/from/for someone, that are NOT in the OctaneMC Store through in-game chat.

Trying to ask for/encourage deals with other players for real money.

Can include asking other people to purchase items from the store for in-game items.

Abusing /Report

Using the /report command for false reports. This must be used for serious reports only.

Gameplay Offenses

For all Minor Gameplay Offenses (unless specified), staff will use their own discretion on whether or not you intended to break the rules. If it looks like you didn’t mean to/didn’t know about the rule then you will be issued a verbal and system warning. If you have a previous warning or punishment for the same offense, you will be banned accordingly. If it looks as if you knew about the rule and were intentionally breaking it, you will be banned for a Minor Gameplay Offense without warning.

For all Major Gameplay Offenses, no warning is given. You will be instantly banned if you break a Major Gameplay Offense.

Game Trolling

Deliberately trying to frustrate or ruin the game for others.

Ruining the game for players by stealing their drops multiple times or killing/damaging them before PvP starts.

*Can include any other means of ruining another players game BEFORE THE END OF GRACE PERIOD.

Excessively targeting other players in order to ruin their game, or even following them across multiple games on purpose.

Map Exploiting

Abusing the barriers in the deathmatch arena to gain an unfair advantage over other players.

Bug Abusing

Deliberately abusing a bug or a glitch on the server or in a game that gives you an unfair advantage, or ruins gameplay for other players.


Forming a team with a player (or players). This can consist of: not fighting each other, working together, etc.


Following another player with intent to kill as soon as PvP starts.

*If intent is not present, then this is not punishable.

Can include purposely stealing another player's drops so you have the upper hand once PvP begins.

Targeting YouTubers / Streamers

Targeting YouTubers or Streamers to kill them repeatedly or ruin their game.

Bypassing Ban / Mute

Using an alternate account to bypass a ban / mute and arguing with staff against the punishment.


Using any form of automated programs / scripts on one or more accounts(s).

Inappropriate Username / Skin

A username containing any of the following, including but not limited to:

  • Filter Bypass
  • Discrimination
  • Racism, etc...

A player skin containing any of the following, including but not limited to:

  • Sexual Content
  • Discrimination
  • Racism, etc...
Stat Boosting

Any method used to boost the stats of a players account unfairly.

Alt Accounts

Although alt accounts are allowed, any user found using more than 4 accounts at one time on the server will be given an IP ban.

Hacking Offenses

For all Minor Hacking Offenses (unapproved client modifications), staff will use their own discretion to determine whether you will incur a lighter punishment or a more severe punishment.

For all Major Hacking Offenses, a more severe punishment will be given. For all Hacking Offenses, you will be instantly banned without warning.

Unapproved Modifications

Use of an unapproved modification deemed unfair by the Rules Advisory Team on OctaneMC, or any Macro that affects gameplay.

A full list of approved modifications ("mods") can be found at the bottom of this page. Any modification that is not on the list is deemed unapproved unless they do not alter gameplay.

*If you have a question regarding a certain modification that is not listed, open a ticket through our Discord.

General Hacks

Use of any general hack (non movement related).

Movement Hacks

Using any form of hacks that are movement related. These are more serious as they can completely ruin gameplay.

Skyblock Offenses

Although many of the offenses stated above also apply to OctaneMC’s Skyblock server, the following list states those that are Skyblock specific.

These will be defined as a Minor/Major offense at staff discretion based on the severity and its conjunction with other rules.

Death Trapping

Deliberately tricking another player into doing something that leads to their in-game death/loss of items.

Examples include (but are not limited to): teleport requests into PvP without the other person's knowledge, trapping when teleporting, etc.


Destroying the islands or builds of other players without their permission.


Purposefully gaining items from other players in an unfair way, such as falsely naming items in the auction house or trading scams.

Inappropriate Builds

Creating a build that may be offensive to other users. This can include (but is not limited to) explicit, racial, or generally offensive builds.

Abusing /AH

Listing items on /ah (auction house) that may be explicit or offensive (this includes words that would usually bypass the chat filter).

Using the ability to name items on /ah in order to bypass any chat restrictions such as the chat filter or bypassing a mute punishment.

Approved Mods

Please remember that use of mods not on this list may result in punishment.

If, somehow, any of these mods can be used maliciously (which is typically not the case, and may result from something such as an update to the mod which has not been reviewed by the Rules Advisory Team), their use for these purposes is not considered approved.

  • 5zig version 3.3.6+
  • Labymod version 2.6+
  • Lunar/Badlion Client (though we recommend the use of Lunar)
  • Optifine
  • Shaders Mods
  • Capes Mods
  • Better Sprint Mod
  • InGame info mod
  • bspkr's Armor, Direction and Status effect HUDs
  • UHC Essentials
  • Gamma/Brightness mods (in which the only feature is gamma/brightness)